Proposed Constitution Edits

Dear Dental Anthropology Association Membership,

Last year we continued the excellent work that began under Scott Burnett to revise our association’s constitution. This year, a subcommittee of the executive board, including Marin Pilloud, Mackie O’Hara, and myself, has drafted a major overhaul of the constitution. I am indebted to Dr. Pilloud and Ms. O’Hara for their heroic efforts.

The goals of our proposed changes are to 1) bring the constitution in line with others of similar organizations, 2) build in ways to make the leadership of the DAA more inclusive, and 3) modernize the organization to take advantage of new technologies for information sharing.

I ask you to please take a look at the three documents attached. One is an unmarked draft of the proposed constitution, one is the current constitution, and one tracks the differences between the two. The current constitution requires that changes to the constitution be sent to the membership at least 30 days before the annual business meeting, and that votes to approve or disapprove be conducted at that meeting. Please note that the draft constitution will allow us to have such votes electronically in the future, allowing a greater number of members to vote.

Please review these documents and come prepared to discuss them at the meeting. Please also feel free to contact me before the meeting with any comments or questions.

Thank you for taking part in the Dental Anthropology Association. The executive board and I value your membership.


Heather Edgar, Ph.D.

President, Dental Anthropology Association



Tracked Changes