Supporting Student Research

The Albert A. Dahlberg Prize is awarded annually to the best student paper submitted to the Dental Anthropology Association (DAA). Dr. Dahlberg was a professor at the University of Chicago, one of the founders of the International Dental Morphology Symposia, and among the first modern researchers to describe variations in dental morphology and to write cogently about these variations, their origins and importance. The prize endowed from the Albert A. Dahlberg Fund established through generous gifts by Mrs. Thelma Dahlberg and other members from the Association. 

Papers may be on any subject related to dental anthropology. Topics include human and primate anatomy/development, paleoanthropology, diet/health, bioarchaeology, human and primate evolution, human and primate morphology/metrics, or any field that draws upon dental data. The recipient of the Albert A. Dahlberg Student prize will receive a cash award, a one-year membership in the Dental Anthropology Association, and an invitation to publish the paper in Dental Anthropologythe journal of the association. 

Deadlines and instructions for submission will be posted in advance of the Annual Meeting of the DAA, which is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.  Please contact the President of the DAA with any enquiries. 

Looking to help? 

Donations are welcome from members and non-members alike. Contributions will be used to fund student prizes, which helps support the scholars of the future. See our membership page to donate. 

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